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Now with new links related to the Oceanic New York book project!

Here’s Jeffrey Cohen, with the opening of his essay, The Sea is a Conveyance Machine

Next, Jonathan Hsy’s Watery Metaphor

Part II of Jeffrey Cohen’s The Sea is a Conveyance Machine

A little piece that will form part of my collaboration with Marina Zurkow: Instructions (for Oceanic New York)

Welcome to Oceanic New York, a round-table and discussion that took place in the Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery on the St. John’s University campus in Queens on Th 9/26/13, from 6 – 8 pm.

Dead Horse Beach

Dead Horse Beach

We’ll be exploring the relationship between New York City and the Ocean, building our remarks variously from artistic, literary, eco-theoretical, or personal perspectives. The participants include academics and artists, sailors and swimmers, bridge-builders and castaways. We’re hoping to uncover watery connections between urban living and oceanic space.

The Gallery space where we’ll meet will feature Elizabeth Albert’s new exhibition, “Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront.” We’re hoping to contribute to this show’s surfacing and re-figuring of the watery coastlines of NYC.

I’ll post previews and further information to this page as we get closer to the event. The round-table is free and open to the public.

 Loomings: Three weeks out

Fishing on 2nd Ave: (via Asa Mittman and the New York Times 8/22/71)

Thoughts on the Silent Beaches Exhibition: 9/16

Preview #1: Words: 9/23

Flotsam: The Little Red Lighthouse Swim 9/24

Oceanic New York: Post-game wrap 10/2


Participants include

Jamie Skye Bianco, NYU

Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, George Washington U

Lowell Duckert, West Virginia University

G. Ganter, St. John’s U

Eilleen Joy, BABEL Working Group and Punctum Books

Steve Mentz, St. John’s U

Allan Mitchell, University of Victoria

Nancy Nowacek, Artist

Karl Steel, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Marina Zurkow, Artist


Don’t forget about Critical / Liberal / Arts II the following day at CUNY!